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Dessert of the Month

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Dessert of the month was born while we were discussing ways to add content to our Instagram feed over one of our many dessert dates. We weren’t sure of the best way to do this, but we knew we wanted to use Joanne’s illustration skills to share our love of local businesses. It was probably mid-bite, when we realized that a vast amount of our dollars earned go towards enjoying local cuisine. Our sweet tooth got the better of us and we decided we wanted to feature our favourite local desserts!


Made by Marcus: 3 things we love - the creativity of flavours, the sundaes, and just plain good ice cream! As soon as we saw The Unicorn, we knew we had to try it. Plus, who doesn’t love unicorns?!

Ollia Macarons & Tea: we love, you love, we all LOVE macarons - right? The biggest struggle we encountered on our trip to Ollia was deciding which flavours to feature. After half a dozen taste tests, we finally landed on black currant, champagne and lavender and honey. On a side note, their handcrafted teas are spectacular!

Mari Bakeshop: Upon our first visit, we fell in love with Mari’s adorable cohesive branding and storefront. Their vast variety of roll cakes captivated us! We ordered the chocolate roll cake and the strawberry cheesecake roll cake and immediately knew we would be back for more.

Yellow Door Bistro: During the Calgary Stampede, we visited Yellow Door Bistro in hopes of tasting the most extravagant pancakes in the city. We love how their feature pancakes change each season and when we heard our server describe the rhubarb strawberry shortcake pancakes, we knew we were in for a treat. One word: fluffy!

Better: As frequent farmers market goers, we stumbled upon these freshly made fruity creations from Better. Not only do they look delightful but they taste just as good too! We both ended up with the blackberry and mango popsicle and didn’t regret one bite.

Pretty Sweet: As longtime fans of Pretty Sweet’s super cute desserts, we knew we wanted to visit her storefront and feature at least one of her creations. After much deliberation, we ended up with the cactus sugar cookie and chocolate cake pop (and a couple others that we saved for later).

JusFruit: After having studied abroad in South Korea, we both developed a love for bingsu, a popular shaved iced dessert. When we discovered that bingsu had landed in Calgary at JusFruit, we didn’t waste one moment before booking a trip there. We shared the mango JusSnow and melted in it’s mangoey goodness!

Hexagon Board Game Cafe: Each year, we look forward to trying as many drinks as possible during the YYC Hot Chocolate Fest. Upon one of our many visits to Hexagon, we discovered they were featuring the Matcha Koro - named after one of our personal favourite games, Machi Koro. Let’s just say - it was a winner!

Uzu Taiyaki: We were thrilled when we found out this Japanese fish shaped waffle cake was making its way to Calgary! With so many possible combinations, we ended up with pandan soft serve in a red bean paste cone topped with Oreo crumbs and pocky sticks. It was about as messy as it was good!